Latest Obsession

My latest obsession has been textures. That’s right, textures. Living in Bali I find beautiful raw textures every day in every corner of every place. What I love most about the textures I find and document is the natural progression of lines and colors. I find myself inspired by the artistic work that harsh weathering does against the canvas of old decaying walls, or moss sprawn pavements. It’s a poetic collaboration of wind, rain, and mother Earth herself.

Below are a few images I have taken of my so called “obsession.” Just wanted to add *the colors seen in these images have not been altered, they are true to what one would see if walking by them.*


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i'm a cre8tor specializing in art and design.
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1 Response to Latest Obsession

  1. Julia says:

    lovin’ it- grrrrrreat obsession! wish you were coming to the ugly christmas sweater party tomorrow! sendin j-town love, do yo thang girrrrl!


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