When confused, stressed, or discouraged just think about this…

May I
May I see the world through compassionate eyes
May I accept my challenges with an open mind
May I posses the clarity to distinguish between the voice of my ego & the voice of my soul
May I be blessed with the reminder to just let go
May my breath be my pathway to a deeper truth
May silence help resurface what I always knew
May I have the courage to be transparent
And the strength to surrender, knowing that I am supported here
May I trust the process of letting life unfold
May I be patient in watching my dreams grow
May I be in this moment with a beginner’s mind
For I have never been in this very place at this very time
May I see through the eyes of divinity
So that when I look at you, I also see me
May I combine all of these gifts into graceful union in my practice today
And allow this to be a meditation in motion, my body’s poetry
May I take this peaceful awareness with me
Wherever my journey shall lead…..

About DOTALart & design

i'm a cre8tor specializing in art and design.
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