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Visual Intuition Installation

Visual Intuition is a series of monoprints that I created using various mediums of surfaces and paints. The image above is an installation made using canvas paper, acrylic paint, and ink, displayed in a glass and wire installation.

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What defines an ARTIST?

What does it mean to be an artist? I have always struggled with this question. Is it someone who intentionally creates something? And does the creation need to have meaning or purpose in order to be art? I recently read an article … Continue reading

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little life designs

“The Day Walker” – mixed media   |   Illustration : DOTALart©2011

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DOTALart prints for sale online!

I just set up an online store for the purchase of your very own DOTALart prints! The store is set up to have the images printed, framed (if you want), and delivered right to your front door! For original pieces … Continue reading

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DOTALart designs

  I have always been interested in the idea of humans as being one with nature. Above are two different solutions using this concept. Both share a female figure as being apart of something from nature. One a peacock and … Continue reading

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Sample Design Work

Below are some examples of some company design work I have done in the past. If you or anyone you know are interested and in need of any graphic design solutions please contact me by through email at and … Continue reading

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Newest Website Design

Just finished working on Dorothy MacKenzie Designs with Kazuri Beads website. Check out the design and comment on what you think. The website features beautiful necklaces using Kazuri Beads as well as precious gems. They make for great gifts for … Continue reading

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