When confused, stressed, or discouraged just think about this…

May I
May I see the world through compassionate eyes
May I accept my challenges with an open mind
May I posses the clarity to distinguish between the voice of my ego & the voice of my soul
May I be blessed with the reminder to just let go
May my breath be my pathway to a deeper truth
May silence help resurface what I always knew
May I have the courage to be transparent
And the strength to surrender, knowing that I am supported here
May I trust the process of letting life unfold
May I be patient in watching my dreams grow
May I be in this moment with a beginner’s mind
For I have never been in this very place at this very time
May I see through the eyes of divinity
So that when I look at you, I also see me
May I combine all of these gifts into graceful union in my practice today
And allow this to be a meditation in motion, my body’s poetry
May I take this peaceful awareness with me
Wherever my journey shall lead…..
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A Journey Across Oz…Visual Diaries From a Nomad


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Art Takes Times Square and YOU can be apart of it!

Artists Wanted connects artists, photographers, designers and creative talent of all types with an excited international audience. Collect artists you love and have a chance at $2,500 and a weekend getaway. I recently submitted a  portfolio to Artists Wanted and would love for you to view it and add it to your collection by clicking Daniela’s Portfolio. Click a portfolio and hit ‘Collect’ when you see something you like. Click here to become a collector and browse more artists.

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Visual Intuition Installation

Visual Intuition is a series of monoprints that I created using various mediums of surfaces and paints. The image above is an installation made using canvas paper, acrylic paint, and ink, displayed in a glass and wire installation.

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Ola Feroz

I confess… I am a bikini addict. I just love those darn little swimsuits in all shapes and colors. As a swimmer, surfer, and just all around beach girl I can honestly say I live in my bikinis. So when I was asked by swimwear designer Jessica Garcia to help her with some graphic design and the remodeling of her new website I jumped at the opportunity. Her company Ola Feroz is a beautifully crafted company that caters to the bikini addict like myself, and makes amazing handmade swimwear for the girl who loves to flaunt it. Check out her newest website www.olaferoz.com to view her bikini collection. Summer is closer than you think so perfect time to purchase a bikini or two : )

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What defines an ARTIST?

What does it mean to be an artist? I have always struggled with this question. Is it someone who intentionally creates something? And does the creation need to have meaning or purpose in order to be art? I recently read an article No Artistry in Apes which talks about the contemplation of art made by monkeys such as the well-known “artists” Congo and Betsy both chimpanzees as being defined as art or not. Many Art Critics argue both sides with substantial evidence in both cases, however the question always arises does the monkey consciously know what he or she is doing and understand aesthetic values, and if so would that determine their status as an artist and their work be approved as art?

While sitting in my backyard overlooking a typical Florida-style fenced in yard with just the tops of palm trees and roof tops showing I realized something. I define myself as an artist because I have the ability to see beauty in the most unexpected of places. I sometimes depict this beauty in form of a poem, portrayed through a painting, or captured in a photograph. However, other times I simply take it in and only reflect on it. In my opinion alone, I don’t believe an artist necessarily has to create something, and I don’t believe everyone who creates something is an artist. I believe an artist is a poetic soul who views the world around them as living art. A being who uses any or all of his senses as tools for reflecting this living art. They can see beauty in the most unexpected and ugly of places as easily as they can see it in the most expected and beautiful of places. That captured moment is then what becomes an act of inspiration for them to create and to share with others or to simply digest and take in for themselves alone.

                               © DOTALart & Design 2012

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Bird Series Progression…

Strength, Courage, and Wisdom the Flight of the Owl  |  © dotalart 2011

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