To seek the truth – is to find yourself




photos by: DOTALart © 2014

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Latest Web Design Project

Latest Web Design Project

I am excited to announce the launch of my latest web design project

It’s been great working with the owners of Unlimited Marine USA to come up with a mobile friendly site that showcases everything the company is about. Check it out!

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I love gifs…


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Global Design Trends Infographic 2013 by Shutterstock

Shutterstock's Global Design Trends Infographic 2013

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The Machine

TheMACHINEflyer11x17Just got invited to be a part of this art show in Melbourne, Florida. Come check it out if you’re in the area. Work will be on display until March 4.

machine process1 machine process2art images.

At the studio working on pieces for the show… See you all there!


Machine2 Machine3 machine4-closeup machine5-closeup machine6-closeup machine7-closeup machine8 machine9

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Evolution of a painting…

I began this painting intending it to be a collaborative piece with a friend. I started by creating a background with swirl shapes and then incorporated line work that added movement to the swirls. After wards, I intended to pass the piece to a friend who would give it some context, although the original idea fell through and I was left to finish the work on my own.

After several days of contemplating what to do with it or how it should evolve, I decided to go with my first idea of adding a face directly in the middle of the swirls. I could not get the image out of my head of an african woman with her afro being defined by the shapes. My initial impression was of the first Lauren Hill c.d. cover I had back in high school.

black lady earliest stages(beginning the face construction process working from photograph and the image I had in my mind – a result that looks quite scary)

Needless to say the painting has evolved into several paintings, as I have painted over this piece many times going through a rollercoaster ride of creation followed by destruction followed by creation again. For those who knew the painting in its beginning stages the original piece was this one (image on the right):

black lady101I then realized that my stretching of the canvas was hideous and had to be re-done, well one thing lead to another and before I knew it I was redoing the entire painting again!


black lady in process

After several attempts at reworking the face I began working on a layered background…

black lady process 2

Still needing to work on the background swirl some more and adding the original line work back in the shapes, but I THINK its starting to get there, yet again…

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Gesture Drawings

IMG_9853 IMG_9851 IMG_9843
Three different styles of timed gesture drawings to loosen up for my next project.

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When confused, stressed, or discouraged just think about this…

May I
May I see the world through compassionate eyes
May I accept my challenges with an open mind
May I posses the clarity to distinguish between the voice of my ego & the voice of my soul
May I be blessed with the reminder to just let go
May my breath be my pathway to a deeper truth
May silence help resurface what I always knew
May I have the courage to be transparent
And the strength to surrender, knowing that I am supported here
May I trust the process of letting life unfold
May I be patient in watching my dreams grow
May I be in this moment with a beginner’s mind
For I have never been in this very place at this very time
May I see through the eyes of divinity
So that when I look at you, I also see me
May I combine all of these gifts into graceful union in my practice today
And allow this to be a meditation in motion, my body’s poetry
May I take this peaceful awareness with me
Wherever my journey shall lead…..
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A Journey Across Oz…Visual Diaries From a Nomad


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Art Takes Times Square and YOU can be apart of it!

Artists Wanted connects artists, photographers, designers and creative talent of all types with an excited international audience. Collect artists you love and have a chance at $2,500 and a weekend getaway. I recently submitted a  portfolio to Artists Wanted and would love for you to view it and add it to your collection by clicking Daniela’s Portfolio. Click a portfolio and hit ‘Collect’ when you see something you like. Click here to become a collector and browse more artists.

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