Outback adventures

               “Your a Wolf ” Seawolf

As an adventurer and lover of life, it is to my enjoyment to engulf myself in my own definitions of the unknown. Visiting and living in new places has allowed me to explore different landscapes, cultures, and its many inhabitants. It has also granted me the experience to explore myself, my beliefs, my values, and what I perceive to be the “truth” and suitably provide me with additional worldly views on which to live my life by. In this manner I have now traveled to Western Australia and have stationed myself in the lovely town of Margaret River, just to find a vast amount of natural beauty, awkward animals, funny accents, and the outback way of life. All to which I draw on for a constant supply of inspiration that is used in my own art.

About DOTALart & design

i'm a cre8tor specializing in art and design.
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1 Response to Outback adventures

  1. Robert says:

    Cool. How in the world did you come up with Margaret River?

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